History of Sixty61
In the begining, God created the sportbike.

Sixty61 custom sportbike motorcycle parts and accessories makes high-quality products that we would want on our own bikes. We realize you have high standards when it comes to your sportbike and keep that in mind when manufacturing our parts. If you want a custom look for your bike at a near wholesale price, then Sixty61.com has what you are looking for.
Sixty61's name comes from the grade of aluminum from which we machine most of our parts. 6061 t6 aluminum is commonly referred to as aircraft-quality aluminum. Sixty61 custom sportbike parts and accessories was started by a couple of guys who wanted their bikes to stand out from the rest. They made parts for their personal bikes, and received many requests to make the same parts for others. The local demand grew and was too much for one machine, so they founded Sixty61.com.
Sixty61.com is located in Central Florida. Since 2004, our mission has been to provide sportbike motorcycle riders with the best custom products at the best prices with great customer service.