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Luimoto Front Seat Cover | Flame Edition | Yamaha YZF R1 02-03
Luimoto Front Seat Cover | Flame Edition | Yamaha YZF R1 02-03

Our Price: $90.00

AVAILABILITY: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Weeks
Product Code: YZFR1-02-F


Quantity: 1 seat cover.

Luimoto seat covers are a great way to customize and enhance the look of your motorcycle. If you do not see the color you want or want to add a logo call us at 321-868-7752 so we can help you. Sixty61 sells Luimoto seat covers not the entire seat plastic with foam.

  • made from a premium marine-grade vinyl with double-stitched seams for better quality and durability.
  • contrast stitching with a CF vinyl or SP vinyl seating area. CF vinyl is a marine-grade vinyl that has a carbon weave texture embossed onto the vinyl. It reflects in the light just like real carbon fiber. SP vinyl has a leather-like texture, look and feel; for those who want an enhanced OEM look.

Luimoto Design and Manufacturing:
  • Luimoto designs and manufactures these seat covers in Canada, utilizing computer aided design (CAD) as well as a computer controlled CNC cutter. This ensures you the highest and most consistent quality available.
  • custom made when you order them and are available in many color combinations.
Please allow 2 to 3 weeks before receiving due to manufacturing.

The seat covers are to be installed over your OEM seat. Installation is simple and all orders come with detailed instructions.

Tools required for installation:
  • Staple gun (an electric or pneumatic staple)
  • 6mm to 10mm staples
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Needle nose pliers for removing staples
  • Medium to large paper clip to help grip and stabilize one side while installing the other side
  • Heat gun or blow dryer to soften material while pulling (This is optional. DO NOT overheat material.)
  • Luimoto Marine-Grade Vinyl Seat Cover:
  • Wash with mild soap and water and rinse. Wipe off any remaining excess water
  • with a clean chamois. For stubborn stains, take a nylon bristled toothbrush and
  • use mild soap and water and work the area in a circular motion. Repeat until
  • stain has been removed. Do not use any kind of store bought vinyl cleaners as
  • the seat cover could become slippery making it unsafe to operate a motorcycle.
  • Luimoto Suede Seat Cover: Use

  • a clean soft nylon bristled brush to quickly remove dust off suede. Wash your
  • bike like you usually would with mild soap and water and rinse. Soak up excess
  • water with chamois or sponge and allow 15 minutes of air drying under the sun. Do
  • not allow the suede to stay wet and dry out on its own. Do not allow suede to
  • sit under the sun all year round uncovered.