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Honda VTX1800 COB LED Halos Single Kit
Honda VTX1800 COB LED Halos Single Kit

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Product Code: COB-HALOS-H-VTX1800



Product Fitment:
The dimensions of these C.O.B LED halo rings are for Honda VTX1800.

Product History:
'Demon eyes halo', 'Angel eyes halo' & 'halo headlights' are all names for the same product. About a decade ago, when companies started installing "aftermarket halo rings" into sportbike’s headlamps, people liked the look so much that Sportbike businesses began to sell aftermarket halo headlight conversion kits. When this headlight style started gaining popularity, people started calling them by numerous terms, but they all refer to the same product type.

The first halos were made from clear acrylic or lexan cut into a ring with hashes around the edge. The ring would illuminate with a single LED bulb. The light would travel through the acrylic and reflect off the hash marks causing a glow effect, much like the glow of an angel’s halo. Later on they were made of CCFL halos; witch was a phosphorescent light with a little gap in between. Then, they upgrade to the LED halos: these lights were brighter but still have some gap in between the LED’s lights. Now, we have the new generation of LED LED halos. These rings last longer, are brighter and do not have a gap in between the lights.

Different names for the C.O.B halos: Other names for these style L.E.D LED halos are; Hyper L.E.D LED halos, or COB LED halos.

Product Description:

  • C.O.B is an acronym for “Circuit On Board.”
  • The Circuit board is 2mm thick
  • The advantage of the COB lighting compared with traditional halo lights, is less power consumption, greater reliability, greater illumination, they last longer, and there is not gap in between the LED lights.
  • The solid light display gives a better look with the headlight assembly illuminated in light.
  • COB halos are available in the following color options: red, blue, white, and green.
  • One year manufacturer limited Warranty. This warranty covers if the LED halo rings or if the transformer stops working for no reason. The warranty does not cover if you break the ring or water damage.
This kit includes
  1. Installation Instruction and diagram.
  2. One C.O.B LED Halo ring of the color of your choice
  3. One transformer box (The inverter box also called ballast for each COB halos is 12V DC).
  4. Hardware necessary for installation.

Installation Tips:

  • This installation requires you to heat and open the headlight lamps in order to install this product. You can either use an oven or heat gun to open headlight lamp.
  • This product requires a silicone adhesive type application, therefore there is no return or exchange once it is installed
  • We highly recommend professional installation for this product
Important Note:
This sale is for C.O.B LED halo rings only, and the necessary hardware to installed it. This sale is Not for the whole headlight assembly.