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Forget oversized and complicated aftermarket motorcycle HID Kits. Sixty61 motorcycle HID Kits are some of the smallest and conveniently compact light kits available in the sportbike market today. Each HID Kit includes a digital ultra-compact ballast, Xenon gas filled bulbs, easy plug-and-play connectors and a bright 35W bulb offered in 3 different bulb temperatures.

In the market for a different HID Kit for your motorcycle? Choose from a wide variety of HID Kits with bulb temperatures including: 6000K, 8000K and 10000K. With light being given off in a range from white with a hint of blue at 6000K, to full blue at 8000K and an even deeper blue at 10000K, riders can sport a variety of looks on their custom bike.

In comparison to the ballasts and separate igniter boxes included with other HID Kits, each HID kit from Sixty61 comes with a single piece ballast and igniter box. This makes it simple for riders to install a new HID Kit on their custom sportbike without having to worry about finding a place to hide away both a large ballast and separate igniter box.

HID kit installation video

Why install an HID Kit on your motorcycle?

First and foremost, HID Kits offer a distinct lighting advantage over standard OEM halogen lamps. Showering the road with three times the amount of light output from a traditional OEM halogen lamp, HID lamps allow you to see and be seen better at night. With the fuller coverage lighting provided by HID lamps, riders are not only able to more clearly see what is already lit but also able to see further with a substantial increase to the existing viewing distance. Top it all off with an energy savings over standard halogen bulbs, it is clear to see the benefits of installing a new HID Kit on your custom sportbike.